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Professional Learning

Cornerstone has developed the capacity for successful and sustainable CPD through securing strong partnerships with local schools, the SSAT, Devon Local Authority, Hays Education, the South West Teacher Network and Microsoft Partners in learning. The school has a track record of delivering extensive and high quality CPD opportunities to all its staff and is now extending this provision through the partnerships formed to other local schools.


Improving Teacher Programme

oleviAt Cornerstone we are pleased to offer the accredited ITP programme for new and improving teachers. Designed by OLEVI and facilitated by experienced school leaders and teachers, the highly effective and motivating Improving Teacher Programme gives teachers, who want to improve their practice, a set of skills and strategies to reach the next teaching level. Utilised in the London and City Challenge Projects and endorsed by the National College, the ITP has gained a national reputation for raising standards in teaching and learning.


Outstanding Teacher Programme

otpIn an attempt to drive up standards and increase capacity, we also offer the accredited OTP programme. This gives good and outstanding teachers a set of high level skills and strategies that enable them to become consistently and sustainably outstanding. Utilised in the London and City Challenge Projects and endorsed by the National College, the OTP has gained a national reputation for raising standards in teaching and learning.


Lead Practitioner

ssatThe Lead Practitioner (LP) programme celebrates and motivates great teachers on an individual basis, especially ones who lead others to develop themselves. A rigorous process of self-reflection and evaluation, Lead Practitioner Accreditation improves the individual’s professional skills and expertise. The programme is made up of a framework of professional standards and a process of accreditation that has been designed by the profession, for the profession. It recognises the skills, experience and qualities of school staff at every level, serving to embed and extend teaching and learning that impacts positively on learners. Typically, practitioners get started by using the LP framework to develop small scale research projects that impact on students’ learning. But the programme takes off when applicants present their evidence beyond their existing teams to colleagues within their school and beyond.

Find out more about the Lead Practitioner Course

Beyond Monitoring

Beyond Monitoring is a short course designed to empower primary heads and their senior leaders with the means to secure better teaching and learning. It consists of three separate days with practical tasks in between, and is set in an outstanding school. Each day is made up of practical activities: 

• Day One is about ‘Improving Teaching’ and includes observations of a lesson in the school. 

•  Day Two is about ‘Improving Learning’ and involves looking at books, pupil progress meeting and looking at provision and timetables.  

• Day Three is about developing systems.  

By the end, heads will have the means to develop a bespoke system for improving teaching and learning that is appropriate to their school’s individual circumstances and needs. The course was developed by two outstanding heads and was used by London Challenge and DFE. It has been attended by over 500 heads and deputies and has helped to raise standards in a range of schools all over the country.

We run this course in three locations in the Southwest. Please select a location for further information or to book




Training Culture

Forest-school cpdWe already have and are continuing to develop our culture of providing training in-house which better meets the needs of staff and matches their requirements to the capabilities within our networks. We are highly pro-active in the use of ICT as a vehicle for the effective dissemination of learning opportunities. For example the use of video conferencing and webinars to allow staff to gain support and development from professionals who would otherwise be inaccessible. We also have a strong culture of mentoring and peer to peer support within our school. We have become highly proficient at identifying the needs of schools and their staff, and matching suitable support and training to those needs.