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An opportunity to train at an English Hub in Devon

The Cornerstone English Hub is one of only 34 schools across England appointed by the DfE to take a leading role in supporting schools that struggle to teach children to read by improving the teaching of early language and reading. We cover a key area in the southwest and provide training and development to schools within our region through a collaborative approach to achieve better results for children.

The Hub focuses on three crucial priority areas:

Early language development

Providing evidence-based approaches to early language development and closing the word gap in school-based early years settings, including appropriate use of formative assessment. Building children's speaking and listening skills in a language rich provision that are well matched to the children's individual abilities. This allows for planning for progression and preparing children to learn to read.



Age appropriate phonics provision

Encouraging best practice in systematic synthetic phonics teaching from school based early years provision to the end of key stage 1 and as the primary reading strategy throughout the school. This includes:

  • • Encouraging fidelity to a single systematic synthetic phonics programme
  • • Supporting effective use of decodable books in the early stages of learning to read to establish phonic decoding
  • • Supporting effective practice in formative assessment in relation to phonics / early reading.


Promoting a love of reading

Encouraging reading for enjoyment; supporting whole school reading approaches, reading to children at least once a day and encouraging reading at home as well as developing teachers’ knowledge of appropriate children’s literature. Ensuring that reading and language is embedded across the curriculum and is taught in a purposeful way. Children are confident presenting their work and using different types of texts to achieve their goals. Developing reflective practitioners who can talk confidently about books and use this creativity in their own work.

We have five open events and five network meetings planned for the academic year 19/20 both provide great opportunities for you to visit the school, network and to share expertise around phonics and early reading. 

If you would like to discuss ways in which our Hub can support you in developing any or all of the priorities above please complete the referral form or contact Nikki Jarman on 01392 796405

Visit the DfE English Hub site to learn more about the designated hubs.

Cornerstone English Hub is based in Broadclyst, on the outskirts of Exeter. 

Exact Location: Broadclyst Community Primary School, School Lane, Broadclyst, Exeter, Devon. EX53JG.