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Lead Practitioner Course (SSAT)

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The Lead Practitioner (LP) programme celebrates and motivates great teachers on an individual basis, especially ones who lead others to develop themselves. A rigorous process of self-reflection and evaluation, Lead Practitioner Accreditation improves the individual’s professional skills and expertise. 

The next programme round begins 15th January 2019. To book onto the course, visit the LP event page, here



The programme is made up of a framework of professional standards and a process of accreditation that has been designed by the profession, for the profession. It recognises the skills, experience and qualities of school staff at every level, serving to embed and extend teaching and learning that impacts positively on learners. Typically, practitioners get started by using the LP framework to develop small scale research projects that impact on students’ learning. But the programme takes off when applicants present their evidence beyond their existing teams to colleagues within their school and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of time commitment is involved?

Inevitably there is a commitment in something like this, but the process of accreditation, whilst rigorous is not onerous.  There are two face-to-face sessions delivered by SSAT, a Launch and an application support session, each consisting of around 2 ½ hours.  In addition, cohort ‘get-together’ where you can share experiences and support one another are encouraged each half term. 

The accreditation system is online and you will upload aspects of your work to an online portfolio of evidence for submission.

There is a [insert time allowance as applicable] period(s) per week allowance towards the time involved in working with colleagues in your area for lesson observation, coaching, meeting, planning etc. But, as with anything, there may be weeks when it takes more time than that.  [Delete if not applicable to your school/academy] 

There will be some additional CPD sessions put on outside the normal school calendar that you do need to be prepared to attend.  A list is available on request.

The programme does not involve any overnight/ residential element and all travel will generally be local. 

lp1Who can apply?  

You don’t have to be a teacher to take part but you would need to show that your work was contributing to improving the practice of others in supporting learning.

You do not need to have a TLR or management responsibility to apply. 

You can apply if you are part time member of staff but are committed to involvement. Please bear in mind however that we may need to run events on days where you may not be normally be at school [Amend as appropriate]

[Insert further requirements specific to you school/academy here]

How does this relate to Specialist Leader of Accreditation?


Your portfolio for LP accreditation is directly relevant for your application to become a Specilaist Leader of Education (SLE)


LP accreditation is both an excellent professional learning journey and could be a useful piece of evidence for presenting in a Performance Management portfolio later.  You will certainly generate a lot of evidence towards all the national standards in the programme.  

Please note SSAT LPs range from outstanding practitioners, support staff, Deputy Headteachers and in some cases Headteachers. It is aimed at those who want to lead in teaching and learning.

Does achieving accredited lead practitioner status mean I might be asked to get involved in working with SSAT?


As an accredited LP you will be added to SSAT LP database and may be offered opportunities to engage in future LP activities. Any involvement outside school would depend on whether there was a need, whether you could be released and whether you yourself would like to develop that aspect of your career. 



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