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Lead Practitioner

The Lead Practitioner Accreditation will help empower and develop your best practitioners, to reward and inspire them to make a difference where it really counts - in the classroom.

What is Lead Practitioner?

The Lead Practitioner programme is made up of a framework of professional standards and a process of accreditation that has been designed by the profession, for the profession. It recognises the skills, experience and qualities of school staff at every level, serving to embed and extend teaching and learning that impacts positively on learners.

The Accreditation Process

The accreditation programme starts with a rigorous - but not onerous - process of self-assessment against the criteria. This involves online accreditation, supported by moderation and guidance from SSAT experts and experienced Lead Practitioners (LPs). During accreditation teachers reflect on the impact of their practice on learners and understand how it can be shared and developed with colleagues. Action, research and evidence underpin every step of the process.

How Lead Practitioner benefits individuals and schools.

Once accredited, LPs continue their journey by developing as leaders of learning, inspiring others to embrace Lead Practitioner standards and creating communities of learners across the system. Accredited status is awarded to the individual, but the programme is at its most powerful when headteachers get behind it on a whole-school basis, harnessing the Lead Practitioner standards to their own development priorities both as part of the accreditation process and beyond the award of Lead Practitioner status.

For more information, please download our full flyer here.

Wednesday 6th November
9:30am -  4:30pm

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