4D Dance Project

4D Dance Project Plan: Broadclyst Hub

The plan takes a holistic approach to developing dance long-term in the six schools involved with this project through CPD for teachers, artist visits, Action Research, and joint writing and performance projects. There is a possibility of the project culminating in a dance conference hosted by DAISI and BCPS.

This project will enable a range of dance opportunities for the network of schools including:

  •  In school and after school dance workshops – at least 2 clubs, 10 sessions.
  •  Free professional development opportunities for teachers including 2 tailor made for the group of schools participating in the project.
  •  Free support in presenting and putting on a local dance showcase,
  •  Ticket deals to see professional dance shows;
  •  Working with a Dance Director and local professional dance artists
  •  Project management support from Daisi and the Cornerstone Teaching School.


View the information leaflet for schools

For each participating school there is flexibility in what is offered depending on the needs of each individual school. The full range of options can be discussed further at the first meeting where we would also consider plans for the full two years of the project.

This project is part funded for two years by Daisi though the Bridge SW Challenge Fund. Due to its commitment to dance, The Cornerstone Teaching School is also making a significant contribution to the project. We are looking for a commitment of just £300 per participating school. The total project budget is £9,600 - a cost of £1,600 per participating school. Of this, 50% will be covered by Daisi, over 30% by Cornerstone leaving the £300 contribution per school. This reduced cost is assuming the schools full commitment to the duration of project.

The 4D project includes:

1)      A) 1 x bespoke CPD session available for each school on area of particular need (open to all school representatives where appropriate)

-          Boys and dance

-          Early Years

-          Dance and Special Educational Needs

-          Progression in Dance

-          Dance Writing

-          Dance Styles Day eg. Street Dance

-          Cross Curricular dance links/ Dance and Project Work

-          Dance technology

(Autumn 2015/Spring 2016)                                                                                   

B) Joint CPD Day on area of joint need - Spring 2015

2) 1  x  ½ day artist sessions available to each school which add value to after school club for each school or tutor fee contribution for dance club

3)  Go and See Fund – contribution to joint trip to see professional performance – Spring/Summer 2016

4) Dance Action Research – Developing Profile of Dance in Primary Schools – in partnership with Kerry Chappell at Exeter University –  Jan to Oct 2016.

5) Possible Small-scale Joint school Dance Review/Writing Project – Spring/Summer 2016

6) Joint informal school performance exchange fund – Spring/Summer 2016

7) Joint Practical Project – Dance Site Specific Film Project using spaces at individual schools – Summer 2016     8) Dance Conference – Summer  2016 – separately budgeted

9) Fundraising development

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